empty hearse:




I was filled with poison

but blessed with beauty and rage

And somehow I can’t let it go….

It’s good to be bad.

Anonymous asked:
Ohmygod, I work at a game arcade and we have teddies and stuff to win right. Well, we got little coloured hedgehogs and when they came in I was like oh look it's john and then I laughed but no one at work gets it and I needed to tell someone so

omg LOL AHAHAH thanks for sharing, anon <3 I need to share what was on my mind  when I read your ask

what do you think?

also, if you wanna make me happy, can you catch a teddy for me? I’m so in love with teddies and plushies <3 I’ve a lot of them on my bedroom, but I’m always needing more 

have a great week. hope you’re okay! :D

much love, k


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But be honest. You’re just a tiny bit pleased. With me. Back on the streets.


HO SHIT TWO GIVEAWAYS STARTED IN ONE NIGHT it’s almost like I’m being productive wat—

Ok this one for all you Teaboos and Anglophiles out there quit creepin on me yo

Three British-themed bracelets for your gorgeous wrists! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

These first two came from Miss Selfridges in Manchester :D I’ve worn them maybe only half a dozen times orz They’re pretty heavy but oh so very British o/

I have no fucking idea where this one came from lmao. But it’s cute and chunky LIKE ME /SHOT



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I’ve two chemistry teachers. If I could put them on Harry Potter universe, I’d say that one is as brilliant and sarcastic as Snape and the other one is as dumb and ridiculous as Lockhart.

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